Hello there,

I’m George.

I study computer science and sometimes cook things. I’m a bit of a cypherpunk at heart, particularly interested in cryptography, peer-to-peer technologies, and applications of virtual and augmented reality. Fittingly, I work at the Stellar Development Foundation on the “Decentralization” team, creating (hopefully) useful abstractions to the underlying protocol (like Horizon) for developers to create apps on our blockchain.

I write about these topics and others in various (albeit rare) posts. I also enjoy travel (to work from my laptop with a different view) and you can catch me playing volleyball on the beach most weekends.

If you want a gentle introduction to the myriad of disciplines within computer science, feel free to check out my $\LaTeX$’d notes on some of the graduate courses I took.

Feel free to get in touch if you enjoyed one of my posts, recipes, notes, pull requests, or just want to chat. 😊 Or, have a glance at my resume if you’re looking for someone to join your engineering team.

This site is completely analytic-, tracker-, and ad-free. It works without JavaScript (except when rendering math) and can even work without CSS (though it wouldn’t look very good). Enjoy your stay!